Introduction of Plant Genome Database

Plant Genome Database
Plant Genome Database was designed and constructed based on GenomeArchive® for collecting available plant genomes. Due to large amoutn of plant genomes sequenced till now, simple statistics covering total number of plant genomes, average length of plant genomes, and etc, is not enough for understanding current status of plant genomics. We colelcted all available sequences and gene model and run InterProScan to annotate genes and developed web interface to access these data efficiently. In addition, simple bioinformatic tools, including BLAST search, were integrated to get instance analysis on the fly. GlobalScrap® was also implemented to manage genomes or sequences efficiently.
Simple statistics
Currently, we collected 1986 plant genomes from 603 species. Total length of the collected plant genome is 875.05 Gbp and total number of genes is 14,002,757 and that of proteins is 16,846,343.
Recent researches based on Plant Genome Database
No Title Hits Create date Creator name
4 [Poster/2018PAG] Plant Genome Database Release 2.5:A Standardized Plant Genome Repository for 233 species  310 2018-09-09 19:52:34 starflr (Jongsun Park)
3 [Presentation/2017] Plant Genome Era: Understanding plant genomes from the sequences  283 2018-09-09 19:51:19 starflr (Jongsun Park)
2 [Poster/2017IBC] Plant Genome Database: An integrated platform for plant genomes  313 2018-09-09 19:50:36 starflr (Jongsun Park)
1 [Presentation/2016] Plant Genome Era: Understanding plant genomes from the sequences  261 2018-09-09 19:40:02 starflr (Jongsun Park)